With International Women's Day upon us we are honored to have some pretty amazing women among our ranks!!! 1st Lieutenant Kimberly Russell 2nd Lieutenant Tiffany Gilleo Ex Captain/ Board member Anita Dominello Ex Captain/ Corporate Sec
By Croton On Hudson Emergency Medical Services
March 8, 2023

Megan Hall
EMT/Chairwoman Angela Outhouse
EMT Sydney McCabe
EMT Matthea Schor
EMT Crystal Delaney
EMT Danielle Moray
Driver Oona Moorehead
Att. Samantha Dominello
Att. Caira Joseph
Att. Noelle Keenan
Att. Tatiana Velardo
Att. Kate Weinstock
Paid Staff:
EMT Jessica Roberts
EMT Casey Cardenas
EMT Jaymee Kempter
EMT Angela Nedd
We thank these ladies for their continued service to the community!